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Cross-Play, Cross-Pay for powerful mobile game monetization

March 5, 2024
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Mobile gaming is changing, and Xsolla is leading the way

Today's gamers want flexibility — to shift their play experience from mobile to web, desktop, and cloud. Developers want to remain financially sustainable while engaging players and enabling flexible gaming experiences that align with player preferences and generate revenue. Xsolla is with you on your quest to be more nimble. We are shifting focus and launching two strategies for monetizing mobile games. Cross-Play and Cross-Pay help you easily jump over platform barriers and achieve your game's multi-platform revenue potential. We know you want to succeed in our rapidly evolving market. Xsolla aims to create products and solutions to help you reach new goals:
  • Maintain players' long-term interest in the game;
  • Reach more players where they play and pay;
  • Keep more revenue;
  • Boost profit margins;
  • Stay current in a rapidly changing gaming world.


Thanks to Xsolla Launcher and Xsolla Cloud Gaming for Mobile Games, you can effortlessly deploy games and a richer play experience across mobile, PC, console, cloud, and web. Launcher makes it easier for developers to benefit from desktop capabilities, including enhanced graphics, gameplay depth, and longer play sessions when porting mobile games to PC. Xsolla Cloud Gaming for Mobile Games lets you expand cross-platform by deploying game builds directly from your game-branded landing page to cloud platforms. You can also deliver flexible monetization mechanics that mobile users will enjoy.


Xsolla helped launch 185+ online stores, including 40 of the top 100 highest-grossing mobile games worldwide. Based on what we learned from our partners, we updated Xsolla Web Shop solution. Xsolla Web Shop 2.0 makes it easy to go direct-to-player with more effective operations tools and monetization mechanics.
  • Advanced LiveOps tools give you the power of real-time player segmentation, event management, targeted messaging and decision-making based on players' behavior data.
  • Expanded personalization and engagement features create deeper connections with players and enhance their shopping experience.
  • Finally, an improved user flow to purchase streamlines the process, ensuring smooth and frictionless shopping.
Beyond these advancements, we support you with marketing expertise and best practices to ensure your in-game commerce experience is compelling and seamless and your business is lucrative.

Better together

The Cross-Play, Cross-Pay strategy helps expand your game's reach to the widest possible audience by making deep and lasting connections with players around the globe. This multi-platform approach helps you achieve your goals:
  • Make consistent and fair revenue, regardless of where your customers choose to play and shop.
  • Give all players equal access to your game content with a smooth, enjoyable, and inviting experience.
  • Ensures you can comply with all platform rules and regulations.
Xsolla's President David Stelzer sums it up well. "Cross-Play and Cross-Pay is our strategic move to meet the continuously evolving demands of the ever-changing mobile game industry. These multi-platform solutions allow mobile game developers to reach more players and grow their business."

Take the next step

To learn more about Launcher, Web Shop 2.0, Cloud Gaming for Mobile Games, Payments, and all the solutions and products designed for your success in today's marketplace, visit Xsolla.com. If you have questions, please schedule time with one of our monetization experts. We're always here to help.
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