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Complete Guide To Video Game Founder’s Packs

October 11, 2021
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As you develop a new video game, you want to build hype and excitement as early as possible. One way to draw in fans and build a base is with a Founder’s Pack. A Founder’s Pack has evolved over the years thanks to the increased access to digital game downloads as opposed to physical media. Learn how a Founder’s Pack works, features to include, and ways to make the most out of your game launch months before the official release. Beta Testing One of the main reasons to release a Founder’s Pack is to increase the beta testing of your game with actual players. For example, if the video game is a massive multiplayer online game, then having a pool of players test out the game is essential. The testing will reveal any major errors within the gameplay. Players will report their findings and game logs will also indicate where changes and upgrades are needed. Without the players, a number of the errors could have gone unnoticed and missed when the game officially launched. Besides the gameplay, players will also give feedback in association with the game menus and navigation. For example, gamers can explore the storefront of the game and ways to customize their avatar or other game elements. The beta testing may go through multiple stages within a Founder’s Pack release. You could start with a smaller pool of 100 gamers and then expand the pool after a few months to include more gamers and increase the testing capacity. Early Funds As you develop your video game, the Founder’s Pack is an ideal way to bring in early funds and help support the game before the wide release and roll out. Players who want early access will pay a set fee to enjoy unlimited play time. Set the Founder’s Pack into multiple tiers. Super early access could come with a larger price tag and help you build more funds. The players also have an advantage with the Founder’s Pack purchase because any progress they make in the game stays with their account. The whole account will not reset when the official game is released. Players may feel enticed to reach higher levels, build up their skills, and get a head start before the official game release. The early funds will help you pour more into game resources, expand servers, and ensure the best version of the game is released when the time comes. Add-Ons & DLC Content Along with paying for the Founder’s Pack access, you have the chance to open your digital store early within the game. The digital storefront grants players access to alternate costumes, in-game items, and upgrades like new maps or weapons. As players enjoy the game, the storefront becomes an important element for the gaming experience. Your funds will naturally grow, and you can track the spending habits of the players. For example, you can see which skins sell more and what types of bonus items players are drawn to. Using the real player data, you can expand the elements in the store and focus on the development of items that sell the most. The Founder’s Pack period offers the chance to try out different promotions for a store as well. For example, you could test out “Buy One Get One Free” deals, daily shop offers, or limited time offers based around events and holidays. Once you have data for which sales work the best, you can expand on the sales and create a viable shop for the official game launch. The extra income will help you create more inventory and have a large collection of items to focus on in the future. Bonus Extras Draw in customers to purchase a Founder’s Pack by offering exclusive bonuses that will not be available until the game’s actual release. Along with early access, consider exclusive skins that will never get released to the general public. You could also offer a lifetime digital store coupon for the customer. For example, you could offer a lifetime 10 percent discount. You may also consider physical gifts for anyone who has purchased the Founder’s Pack. For example, you could offer game stickers, a printed player’s guide, or a collectible like a small statue or action figure. Limit the physical gifts to a specific amount to make the whole process more enticing for consumers. The price of the Founder’s Pack will help offset the costs associated with the bonus extras. You could even offer tiers within the Founder’s Pack. For example, only people who pay for the $100 tier would become eligible for the physical gifts associated with the game. If demand is high for the game, consider expanding the Founder’s Pack tiers and offering additional bonus items and extras for new players. For help and assistance with your Founder’s Pack release, contact us at Xsolla. Our video game monetization experts will help you set up your digital storefront and present a Founder’s Pack to attract a wide audience of players
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