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Tebex (buycraft)

Publisher account

Partner network

Tebex (Buycraft) partners will get INVALID_SIGNATURE if their API key, Merchant ID, Project ID, or Secret Key weren’t correctly entered into their Tebex (Buycraft) account. You may use any values to finish the test. Make sure you’ve passed all tests (passed tests are denoted by a green dot).

PayPal and bank transfer.

When you sign the agreement, select your payout method in the Publisher Account section.

Yes. Send your account manager the updated payout information, and they’ll send you an amended agreement for signature.

For PayPal, you must have accrued more than $100 that month. For bank transfers, you must have accrued more than $500.

We process PayPal payouts every Friday and bank transfers twice a month. Refer to Exhibit No. 1 of your licensing agreement for more detail.

Enter the name of your server, not Minecraft.

If you were unable to resolve your issue here, we’ll be happy to help via:

  • Live chat (via Publisher Account or
  • Email:
  • Your account manager or integration specialist, through Basecamp


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