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I am Babka. I was summoned by Xsolla to provide you with customer support, and to help you manage your transactions, subscriptions, and refunds. For emotional support, I recommend cat.

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At this time, our automated tools support domains ( and subdomains ( that use A records. Setting up a subdirectory link ( will require a CNAME. You can set up a proxy on your server from the subdirectory to the Site Builder page.

Since you set up Pre-orders, our system didn’t send any sort of .exe with the purchase since it wasn’t near the release you specified. You’ll need to disable Pre-orders before customers will be sent a download link in their purchase receipt email.

Note: If a live purchase was made with Pre-orders enabled, those purchases will need to be refunded before Pre-orders can be turned off in that Game Key Package.

If you’re using tokenless integration, saving payment accounts isn’t possible.

By default, we enable SSL certificate verification and use the default CA bundle provided by the operating system. You can find more information on how to troubleshoot SSL issues here.



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