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To set up seamless Steam authentication, contact your Account Manager. AppID and ApiKey are required for implementing the feature via Steam.

You can use your access_token to authenticate requests.

No, Launcher and Site Builder are not supported.

No, the entitlement system is integrated separately.

We can delete all user data from the inventory upon request.

You pay a 1% revenue share for every transaction. Contact your Account Manager if you have additional questions.

You can create the main account on your or Xsolla’s side. Platform accounts are linked to a main account. Xsolla can provide a linking mechanism if you do not have your own.
If you implement the linking mechanism, you can work with the main account user and pass Xsolla the platform the item/currency was purchased on. Contact your Account Manager for additional technical details.

Yes. Hard currency (currency purchased for real money) does not synchronize in the inventories. In accordance with regulations, hard currency purchased via PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch game consoles does not stack, and is stored separately.

You can store consumable and non-consumable items, and non-renewing subscriptions.

The inventory has 100 rps load limits, but the number may change if additional servers are installed.



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