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Partner network

Each Buy Button on your website will need to be under the same project ID to comply with Partner Network’s tracking. Create a project with multiple game key packages, one for each game. Then take the widget of code found at the end of each game key creation process and place it on your site.

Set up individual projects for each game, in addition to the project with the multiple game key packages for each game. Upload keys to each game’s individual project, click the gear icon that appears post-upload, and select Request Game Keys. Game keys will be emailed to you in a CSV file, then proceed to the project with the multiple game key packages and upload the requested CSV file to the corresponding game’s key package. The individual game projects will be used for Launcher, whereas the project with multiple game key packages will be used for the website. If you want to sell games through Launcher, make sure to leave some keys in that game’s dedicated project.

“Accepted” means the influencer joined the program, while “active” means they were able to bring at least 5 purchases with their tracking link.

You can enable Partner Network from your Publisher Account, as described in this integration guide. Before enabling the solution, you could contact your Account Manager to find out if you need to sign an addendum to your license agreement.

We provide our proprietary tracking technology, but can look into integration with an external one. For details, please contact your Account Manager.

These are included in the standard partner payouts. Partner Network transactions are highlighted separately in the transaction report.



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