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The game integrates as a page within Launcher, very similar to how the launcher is set up. You’ll be able to update your games from Launcher, using either our CDN or a CDN you choose. Launcher integration requires you to clone the launcher files from GitHub and make edits to various config files based on your customization choices. You’ll find detailed instructions here.

There is currently no IPC, as Launcher doesn’t have features that require IPC communication. But we do plan to add features such as live streaming and a game store in the overlay that will require IPC (via SDK), at which time we’ll add it.

By default, Launcher is always running When it launches your game, it hides in the system tray so it’s not using up resources. A gamer can shut down the process and the game will still be running, as there is no connection during the actual gameplay session.

Launcher can operate either way. You can wrap the latest version of your game into Launcher and then distribute it on Steam, so no additional downloads are needed (in which case game delivery costs will be on Steam). If you want to quickly deliver an update, you can use Launcher without the need to wrap the game into Launcher and upload it into Steam again.

No. And if you have both standalone and Steam delivery methods, Launcher will serve you well by collecting your users from both platforms into one database. Our “seamless registration” allows users who run the game for the first time in Steam to seamlessly pass the registration process, and at the same time go to your official website outside Steam, log in there using Steam OpenID, and become a part of an official / centralized communication (e.g. communicate on the forums, discover new games, read news, etc).

You can sell games in Launcher via the game’s page (a buy button), or as a banner. Games cannot be sold in Launcher Store because the Store tab is unique to each game. You’ll find helpful documentation here.

Yes, you can set up pre-orders in Publisher Account and offer them via a banner on the main Launcher page.

Not at this time. You’ll find information on changing colors here and config here. Contact your Integration Manager if you’d like further customization.

Go into the UISTYLE JSON file and simply delete whichever "logo_SOCIALMEDIA_image" line you don’t want to appear in the Launcher. For example, delete the line: 

"Logo_stone_image": "img/LoginWindow/social/stone_logo.png”.

By uploading store items, news articles, and banners that pertain to that project. Banners and News can be assigned groups for content stacking and categorization.

Upload the project logo in the size you prefer to Publisher Account and the new picture will be reflected in Launcher.

News and banners tagged to specific games will populate that game’s page. As you publish more articles, more content will appear. And you can create banners in 2 sizes, rectangular and square.

While we can disable the CAPTCHA, we don't recommend it, because it helps deter brute force attacks on user accounts. However, we can decrease CAPTCHA frequency and increase the number of failed authorization attempts.

In Launcher/win, you can run an executable called launcher.exe to see your changes. Deploy.bat is used mainly for compiling Launcher for upload in Publisher Account.

Launcher → Specific project’s module → Bottom of page → Enable quick buy (turn this off). Make sure the project has not been added to Activation of game keys for specific projects (located here: LauncherOpen and Setup → Bottom of page). Once you’ve taken those steps, the game’s page should show an Install button, allowing for free distribution.



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