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In-Game Store SDK and API

Publisher account

Partner network

To set up seamless Steam authentication, contact your Account Manager. AppID and ApiKey are required for implementing the feature via Steam.

You can use access_token to authenticate requests.

No. In this case, you will need to create a standalone project.

At the moment, Xsolla supports Unity, Unreal, and Android SDKs.

Go to Project settings -> Integration settings and enable the Integrate new Store Management methods toggler.

You can set up discount promotions for a specific duration of time.

You can set any price for your items. Xsolla does not support tier pricing.

Yes. Contact your Account Manager to set up regional pricing options.

Yes. Contact your Account Manager to set up regional access restrictions.

Yes. You can do this via the Chromium-based in-game browser that is included in the SDK.

Virtual items, virtual currency and currency packages, and non-renewing subscriptions are available.



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