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Your next scheduled payout is displayed on your Xsolla Publisher Account dashboard and is based on the conditions of your Xsolla contract.

You haven’t yet reached the minimum amount necessary for a payout, as outlined in your contract.

We don’t pay out early, to ensure we put no partner at risk of payout delays, which is a standard industry practice.

Most likely, yes. Every payout currency we support is listed in your contract. If you’d like to change your payout currency you only need to sign a contract amendment, which you can easily do by contacting your Account Manager.

A chargeback is a forced transaction reversal initiated by an issuing bank when a cardholder asks their bank to reverse a payment they made to you for goods or services.

A refund occurs when a transaction is cancelled and the amount paid is returned to the cardholder. A refund can be initiated by a cardholder or a business, in accordance with the business’s return policies and other applicable regulations.

These are the administrative costs accrued when bank acquirers and Xsolla defend you in a chargeback dispute. These chargeback fees are automatically deducted from your Xsolla Publisher Account.

Yes. Please send us a signed and dated official bank change notification letter on company letterhead. If the new bank account belongs to a different company, then you’ll need to contact your Account Manager.

If you replace your current bank wire payout method with PayPal, you’ll need to sign an amendment to your current contract.

VAT accrues whenever value is added to a product at each stage of the supply chain, from production to the point of sale. The amount of VAT users pay is equal to the cost of the product, less costs of any previously taxed materials used in production.

As your Merchant and Seller of Record, Xsolla is responsible for calculating, collecting, and paying taxes, including VAT. Section 6.4 of your Xsolla contract contains all the details on this process.

Yes, according to each state’s laws. As the Merchant and Seller of Record for your product, Xsolla is responsible for calculating, collecting, and paying sales taxes in the US. Section 6.4 of your Xsolla contract contains all the details on this process.

Yes. In June 2018, the US Supreme Court established the “economic presence” standard. This decision allows states to tax not just sales by businesses with a physical presence in the state, but also remote sales, such as digital copies of video games. Now economic activity in a state – called economic nexus, based entirely on sales revenue, transaction volume, or a combination of both – can trigger a sales tax collection obligation.

Because the US Supreme Court provided little guidance on what constitutes economic nexus, states have begun to establish laws based on their interpretation of the decision.



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