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Using the Buy Button, you can sell game keys, virtual goods and currency, as well as a physical copy of your game.

There are two ways to sell goods: a custom widget or a custom API. The custom widget supports selling goods, while the custom API supports receiving and selling goods.

We support game key sales across more than 10 different platforms, including Steam, the Epic Games Store, the PlayStation Store, and Xbox Games Store. We also support the sale of DRM-free keys if you use your own game launcher.

We currently offer APIs for selling physical games, virtual goods, and virtual currency with a shopping cart. In the near future, we will support selling game keys with a shopping cart.

Yes. We support physical game sales, along with delivery address collection.

You can set the price of your game and any of its in-game goods in 50 different currencies, allowing you to adapt prices to the economic conditions of a given country.

Yes, you can sell game pre-orders. Set your game’s launch date and all customers will receive their key immediately at launch.

Yes. Our template lets you customize your receipt colors and text, and add an image.

Yes. You can set specific discounts and promotion durations for a specific good or goods.

Yes. You can give away free game keys as promo codes.

This function does not come standard, but our team can help you configure a solution. Contact your Account Manager to get started.

Yes. We can help you restrict certain regions from selling your game.

Yes. We can help you set up the sale of different keys depending on the region.



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