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Xsolla Shines at devcom and gamescom 2023

September 16, 2023
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Xsolla attended and had great fun with Europe's largest business community at devcom and gamescom this year. Over five days in Cologne, Germany, our team showcased our commitment to the gaming industry with a well-designed booth, 3 inspiring speaking sessions, and a game night full of fun. Below, we've rounded up our wins and a few images highlighting the 2023 conference.  gamescom-featured-image-01-870x618.jpg At an impressive 156 square meters, the Xsolla booth was our team's home base and bustled with activity during the conference. Eventgoers started their days off full of energy thanks to our talented barista, who served over 1,000 cups of coffee. With plenty of comfortable seating and breakout rooms, our team met with 1,592 game industry professionals to talk business, form new partnerships, and help game developers take their games to the next level.  gamescom-featured-image-02-870x618.jpg
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Our team kept the knowledge flowing with three different speaking sessions during devcom. Each talk covered topics relevant to the gaming industry, featuring Xsolla experts and esteemed partners. If you missed out on attending these in-person sessions, don't worry; they are available on our YouTube channel for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy the Game: The State of the Industry President of Xsolla, Chris Hewish, deep dives into the past and near future of gaming alongside an esteemed panel including Sharon Fisher, Head of Trust & Safety at Keyword Studios, Michail Katkoff, Founder and President of Deconstructor of Fun, and Kirill Tokarev, CEO of 80 Level. Giving Gamers More Rewarding Ways to P(l)ay Chris Lamorte, Senior Director at Mastercard, and Berkley Egenes, CMO at Xsolla, discuss next-generation payment technologies and loyalty solutions for in-game payments. They'll address the challenges gamers face and how to ensure seamless, secure, and rewarding payment experiences with microtransactions, subscriptions, and digital assets on the rise.‍ How to Craft the Perfect Pitch Nathan Sölbrandt, BD of Funding at Xsolla, and Justin Berenbaum, VP of Strategy and GM of Funding Club, provide valuable insights on how to pitch your game to maximize the chances of your game going live. ‍ gamescom-featured-image-03-870x618.jpgImage Caption 2 Xsolla continued to build community within the gaming industry with our second sponsored Game Night of the year. Following the success of Xsolla Game Night at GDC 2023, we once again partnered with Deconstructor of Fun and Mastercard to host a memorable evening of classic tabletop games.  The event, spanning 3.5 hours, saw a remarkable turnout of over 381 competitive attendees who engaged in 603 rounds of various games. The energy was palpable, and the fun infectious; no one wanted the night to end. Our team had a blast connecting with the larger gaming and business community to form more partnerships and help game developers and publishers take their games to new heights. Thank you to everyone who joined us at devcom and gamescom 2023. If you couldn't attend but would still like to connect with a member of our team, book a meeting or create a publisher account today.
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