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Elevating indie games: Xsolla partners with Curve Games to launch new RPG

July 9, 2024
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We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership between Xsolla, a global video game commerce company, and Curve Games, the award-winning London-based publisher of several notable independent games. This collaboration aims to harness Xsolla’s cutting-edge Web Shop & Site Builder to promote indie games on a global scale.

Enhancing Game Visibility and Revenue

Xsolla’s Web Shop and Site Builder are designed to elevate game visibility and boost revenue. These tools will be crucial in showcasing Curve Games’ diverse portfolio, starting with the highly anticipated RPG title, Dungeons of Hinterberg, set to launch in July. This action/adventure game allows players to explore the beautiful alpine village of Hinterberg and uncover the magic hidden within its dungeons. The Web Shop solution bolsters game monetization efforts and has the potential to diminish significant platform fees while increasing game revenue. With over 700 payment methods available to users, Xsolla’s Web Shop enables localized monetization in over 200 countries worldwide, making it a powerful tool for reaching a global audience.

Shared Commitment to Indie Development

Chris Meredith, SVP EMEA at Xsolla, shared his enthusiasm for the partnership: "Curve Games has a unique vision and innovative approach to game development that aligns perfectly with our mission. Together, we will deliver exceptional experiences for developers, publishers, and players, bringing groundbreaking titles to a wider audience." Meredith emphasized the synergy between Xsolla’s robust tools and Curve Games' creative prowess. This partnership showcases the potential of indie games. It demonstrates Xsolla’s commitment to supporting the indie game development community by providing them with the tools to succeed globally.

Global Reach with Xsolla’s Web Shop

Xsolla’s Web Shop offers a user-centric commerce solution tailored for mobile games. It features over 700 payment methods and localized monetization in over 200 countries. This capability will help Curve Games reduce platform fees and increase game revenue, ensuring their titles reach players worldwide. Integrating Xsolla’s Site Builder will also allow Curve Games to create customized product pages highlighting each game's unique aspects. This enhanced visibility is expected to drive player engagement and boost sales across Curve Games' entire portfolio.

Curve Games’ Excitement

Stuart Dinsey, Executive Chair at Curve Games, expressed his excitement: "We are thrilled to join forces with Xsolla. Their dedication to delivering exceptional gaming experiences mirrors our passion for crafting memorable and innovative games. With their support, we’re confident that our games will reach new heights and resonate with players worldwide like never before." Dinsey highlighted the growth potential this partnership brings. By leveraging Xsolla’s powerful tools, Curve Games can focus on what it does best—creating innovative and engaging games—while Xsolla handles global distribution and monetization complexities.
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Elevating indie games: Xsolla partners with Curve Games to launch new RPG

Leveraging Xsolla's Web Shop and Site Builder for global indie game success
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