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Xsolla And Keymailer Partnership Takes Influencer Programs To A New Level

October 11, 2021
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The Xsolla platform provides a suite of tools developers can use to launch, monetize, and scale game releases. Through Xsolla Partner Network, developers can also leverage affiliate and influencer programs to promote releases through ready-made marketing channels. The partnership between Xsolla and Keymailer represents a tremendous upscaling of these resources. Developers can now globally distribute influencer programs powered by Xsolla Partner Network to Keymailer’s directory of over 650,000 influencers across social media outlets, all with the same tracking and analytics tools as before. Teams of all sizes can reach a potential aggregate audience of over 1.25 billion through Xsolla and Keymailer. New distribution opportunities, customizable affiliate percentages, and expanded community growth options are just the beginning.

Combining Affiliate Sales with Influencers

Typical marketing campaigns generally favor launching affiliate programs or courting well-known influencers. The former has the benefit of low upfront costs and a higher quantity of users but suffers from ambiguous outreach results. The latter promises a guaranteed audience but at the expense of steep initial payouts. The partnership between Xsolla and Keymailer bridges those two styles to offer an influencer-affiliate hybrid model. It provides access to a massive database of influencers and allows developers to form relationships with them without upfront costs. Fully customizable revenue sharing and key distribution programs form the backbone of these collaborations, powered by Xsolla’s rich toolset and Keymailer’s extensive network of creators. This integration levels the playing field for small and mid-sized developers, as it opens up low-cost solutions for promoting games across platforms. Larger development teams and established game publishers can use the same tools to drill down analytics and target niche audiences via specialty influencers, as well.

Detailed Analytics

For many game development teams, outreach is the most difficult part of the release cycle. There are innumerable tools for handling code updates, technical documents, art assets, and the like. When it comes to effectively managing influencer relationships, however, few solutions are up to the task. Xsolla and Keymailer track performance indicators to help developers make the most of influencer partnerships. This includes viewership metrics, revenue breakdowns by source, automated notifications, and analytics tools for generating links and tracking audience clicks. Developers can use this data to understand the relationship between collaborators and referrals, making it easy to determine which influencers generate the most interest in a game. This also allows for focused community growth by promoting more lucrative affiliate percentages to high-value collaborators. Further, games published on Xsolla that meet the enrollment criteria will receive Keymailer’s premium advanced analytics for free, which means developers will also have access to reach, views, coverage counts and, most importantly, watch time stats in summary or drill down formats. All that’s required is the game carries a minimum 10% revenue share, over 500 keys, and a retail price of at least 10 USD.

Influencer Relations at Scale

Scaling outreach is another obstacle developers face early in the post-release cycle. Going from a handful of partnerships to communicating with thousands of influencers is more than just a numbers game, especially if publishers want to track the effectiveness of each relationship. Xsolla Partner Network facilitates relations scaling while keeping day to day interactions as simple as possible. Creating comprehensive partner programs allows publishers to identify the scope of a relationship and deliver game keys, promotional materials, discount codes, even gameplay instructions and FAQs to a precisely target audience, all with full link tracking and analytics data. Each communication can be distributed to potentially hundreds of thousands of content creators based on custom filters set up by the game developer, screening recipients by genre preference, platform, audience size, and more. Contacting influencers isn’t handled through blind mass-mailings, only precise and effective communications.

Lower Fee Structure

Measuring ROI for influencer and affiliate relationships is rarely a simple task. Influencer tracking often falls to third-party analytics tools, most of which must be managed and maintained by the game development team. Affiliate tracking is usually left to sales platforms, producing a wide variety of metrics depending on the affiliate company. With Xsolla’s flat 5% fee, game developers have the flexibility to pay influencers whatever commission revenue share they feel is appropriate. Xsolla and Keymailer handle legal agreements, payouts, tax compliance, and other practical matters. Developers are free to focus on managing their relationships.

Partnership for Growth

The partnership between Xsolla and Keymailer represents a tremendous new resource for game developers and publishers. Combining a database of over 650,000 influencers with detailed analytics and Xsolla’s self-publishing solutions provides a solid foundation for development teams of all sizes to leverage influencer relationships and successfully market their game. If you have further questions contact us at publishing@xsolla.com.
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