OWN3D maximizes influencer marketing with Xsolla partner network

January 21, 2021
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Making it their Own(3D)

How did a company that supports streamers get streamers to support them? By making customer advocacy pay. With Xsolla Partner Network, OWN3D had the tools to leverage an already positive relationship with its customers into a booming global business opportunity. In building out a mutually-beneficial affiliate program, OWN3D empowers its customers to seamlessly integrate affiliate links into their content and earn a commission while promoting a brand they believe in.

Serving streamers

OWN3D is a company that makes premium graphics products for video content creators across 130 countries and territories. Its more than 4,000 customizable graphic products include overlays, alerts, panels, emotes, badges, transitions, a trailer maker, and others. These products serve 500,000 and counting customers — principally Twitch, YouTube and Facebook streamers, as well as eSports teams.

To communicate its brand’s value to a broader customer base, OWN3D needed to build out an influencer program. To build an influencer program, they turned to Xsolla Partner Network.

A practical approach to partnerships

OWN3D uses Xsolla Partner Network to power its own OWN3D Partner Network. It converts customers into influencers, and webmasters into affiliates. While they started with a single pilot program to gauge customer interest, the program proved so successful so quickly, that they launched its current version to drive even more business.

Participants sign up to participate in the program at OWN3D’s straightforward, easy to use landing page. From there, participants can generate affiliate links to share across their platforms or on social media. When someone uses the link to complete a purchase, the participating affiliate earns a 30% commission. This deal structure incentivizes affiliates to drive everything from one-time purchases to OWN3Ds’ subscription-based software as a service offerings.

Because OWN3D has a loyal customer base, they have been able to empower numerous existing customers to become influencers and use affiliate links to earn a commission in exchange for advocacy. According to OWN3D, influencers with as few as 10,000 streaming subscribers have reported earning as much as $1,000 in a single month by participating in the program.

The results

OWN3D’s dedication to building out and fostering a dedicated influencer network has paid off big time. As of this writing, approximately 20% of OWN3D’s gross sales currently come through its Xsolla Partner Network-powered program, having driven a significant amount of conversions and revenue. All this revenue has even pushed OWN3D to the top of the Xsolla Partner Network charts, where it ranks as a top 10 influencer marketing performance partner.

Partner power

With Xsolla Partner Network, OWN3D was able to build a successful influencer program that leveraged its community’s loyalty. By giving its streamer customers the opportunity to earn money by pointing their viewers to products and services they were already using, OWN3D was able to grow its brand reputation while increasing its revenue across all of its platforms.

OWN3D’s success just goes to show: there’s power in partnership programs.

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