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Xsolla, Coinchange Financials, and TradeZing Join Forces on NFT and Crypto

September 14, 2022
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Xsolla has partnered with automated crypto management platform Coinchange Financials Inc. and live-streaming social Web3 platform, TradeZing to develop an exclusive NFT Landscape Report. The report outlines how the NFT sector evolved from digital collectibles to practical utilities and their financialization. Specifically, how the monetization of NFTs allows for the same exchanges previously transacted for monetary gains - with everything from playing cards and paintings to clothing or any creative, tangible object. NFTs create an equal playing field for digital artists, much like any other creative. “Xsolla is pleased to join the fintech industry in furthering the adoption of NFT for game objects,” said Xsolla President Chris Hewish. “We aim to accelerate content engagement and ownership from the developer to the players – without requiring knowledge of blockchain technology from either group. This project supports our mission to solve the inherent complexities of video game global distribution, marketing, and monetization,  so our partners can grow their audience, overall engagement, and revenue.” Coinchange Financials Inc. and TadeZing announced their strategic partnership on August 16, 2022. All three companies have confidence that this collaboration will aid in researching, publishing, and sharing more information related to NFTs, cryptocurrencies, their evolution, and various uses. “Cryptocurrencies and NFT investment opportunities are still relatively new to the average trader and continue to evolve,” Jordan Edelson, CEO/Co-Founder of TradeZing, said regarding the announcement. “This partnership ensures that TradeZing users have access to the most up-to-date research on these asset classes, allowing them to spot trends faster and ultimately make better-educated decisions to help build wealth.” Founded in Canada in 2018, Coinchange Financials Inc. is an automated crypto wealth management platform that automatically rebalances customer assets across numerous blockchains, protocols, and pools to deliver optimal crypto yields. TradeZing is a live-streaming, social engagement, Web3 platform explicitly designed for Millennial and “Gen-Z” traders who rely on community and content creation to cover everything blockchain and Web3 related to “educate, elevate, and entertain.” Coinchange is a “day-one partner” with TradeZing, available on the platform at TradeZing’s launch. Coinchange aims to use its exclusive channel on the platform to create content and to help Coinchange users increase knowledge about the DeFi market, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and related topics. Speaking on the partnership, Coinchange CEO Mazin Galash said, “At Coinchange, we pride ourselves on democratizing the DeFi market and allowing everyone to have access to it. That mission is what led us to partner with TradeZing and engage with the public in a more comprehensive. The partnership facilitates the effort of both companies to help everyone gain access to information and the ability to earn yield via crypto on our platform.” The collaboration brings together two new companies with a shared vision of optimizing the wealth and education of Web3 traders: Coinchange researches NFTs and the DeFi space. This move will allow Coinchange users to access TradeZing’s closed beta trial, scheduled to launch this summer. TradeZing also plans a launch soon to provide a platform for Coinchange’s ongoing research. Learn more about Xsolla NFT solution or view the full report here.
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