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Expand your mobile game business to PC and web to reach new players.

Japan is a country of 70 million gamers, with at least one-third of its gaming population — just above 23 million players — choosing to pay with local alternative payment methods over credit cards and PayPal. Home to industry giants, like Nintendo and Sega, video games will continue to grow as part of the Japanese economy in the years to come. But, in order to optimize sales in Japan, the world’s third-largest gaming country by revenue, you’ll need to account for its unique payment nuances.

It might be surprising for such a tech-savvy country, but cash is still a big part of Japanese culture. If you want to make a splash or accelerate growth in Japan, make sure that apart from credit cards and PayPal you accept cash payments via Konbini, Pay-easy, and Online Banking. You can also expand your addressable market by enabling WebMoney prepaid cards and mobile payments.

Entering the Japanese market is quick and easy to do with Xsolla. Just log in to your Xsolla Publisher Account and enable all payment methods within Japan under your Payment Method settings.

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