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Game Developers Conference 2024 Recap

April 11, 2024
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Whew! What a Game Developers Conference. The world came together in San Francisco last month, and all I can say is WOW. It was very impressive to see everyone come together, meet new friends, and hear stories from people with new challenges that need to be solved…together. Sitting in the Moscone this year from my marketing point-of-view, I took many notes and gathered a lot of information. From a brand marketer, here are my thoughts coming out of GDC, and what I see to be next on the horizon for all of us.

Digital Markets Act Needs Online Monetization

Say what? There was a lot of chatter, and one of the most talked about stories of GDC as DMA went into effect in Europe on March 6th. Perfect time for GDC. I have seen and talked to many people about the need for brand control, measurement, and user acquisition to be managed by developers. Taking your digital items and currency goods and top-ups online is the most effective way to acquire more users, drive incrementality (yes that's a word) and ultimately deliver more profits per purchase than anywhere else. Every CFO should ask for this and push their teams to test, measure, and optimize a Web Shop for their mobile game - especially now that DMA is in effect.

AI, ML, & Robots Create Efficiency

If these tools are used right, they will make your teams more efficient and produce more results for your business, teams and KPIs. Designers and builders can creatively use tools like MidJourney or DaVinci to modify their art for different purposes - booths, social media, advertising, banners, OOH, etc. Try it, and see what you can do in less time. Same # of employees generating more assets and versions of the creative in less time. Don’t cut corners and people. Support them and help them grow.

Different Stuff, Different Day

You have heard it over and over - don’t do the same thing on a different day. Just like we do on my team here at Xsolla, we try different things, test ideas and get feedback from the community. Looking at booths on the Moscone floor, people tried different things - live streams were a big topic and done multiple times. Check out our streamed discussions with GamesBeat. Our 2nd annual Games Night was amazing with over 800 guests gathering to have a non-alcoholic event where people from all over the world came to play tabletop games together and to network - the house was packed. We changed things for the Xsolla Rapid Rounds and hosted 6 new games looking for funding at the Alloy Collective. Another packed house with 30+ investors/publishers in the audience to see if they found their next game to bring to the world.

Win Across Multiple Platforms

In previous GDC visits, many people were talking about launching just a mobile, PC, or console game. This year, everyone is on the same page on how to grow their game by creating a game that can live and succeed across multiple platforms. It could be taking a mobile game and porting it to the web to expand in Asia; it could be launching a new SKU from a PC/console game to mobile to expand to a whole new market in different regions. Launch your game on Steam, Google Play, and the App Store to tap into the vast user bases of these platforms. Consider integrating cross-platform play to retain players by allowing them to switch devices seamlessly without losing progress. This approach broadens your audience reach and enhances user engagement and loyalty. By embracing a multi-platform strategy, developers can unlock new revenue streams and increase the visibility of their game in a crowded marketplace. The key is to ensure a consistent and optimized experience across all platforms to meet the high expectations of today's gamers. I left San Francisco exhausted yet motivated and encouraged by what I experienced. My main takeaway is equality and equity in the people and games around the world. Do the right things, treat each other with respect, and grow together. We believe in providing equal access for everyone worldwide, including our people. I am humbled by what we accomplished and by the people we get to work and collaborate with every day. I cannot wait to see what is next for the industry and where we will go with mobile games, online monetization, and everyday gaming. xsolla-blog-gdc-2024-featured-image-1056x573.webp

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Berkley Egenes, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Growth Officer at Xsolla
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