Gaming Guide: Subscriptions & Promotional Products

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Many games keep players involved with the game and community through subscription-based models. Subscriptions include special game access, server access, and in-game upgrades and bonuses. As a way to keep players enticed to extend subscriptions, consider the use of promotional products for subscribers.

Promotional products are sent directly in the mail and act as a physical reward for anyone with a subscription. Follow our guide to learn how to make the most out of a subscription package and ways to help implement the physical gifts for all of your subscribers.

Sign-Up Bonuses

When a player initially signs up for a subscription, many games include bonuses. The bonuses may include extra in-game currency, power-ups, or access to exclusive levels. A physical promotional product will help entice gamers to sign up for the subscription.

For example, you could offer special promotional items, like a custom controller grip, a tote bag, or a magnet. Promotional products could include the game logo, company logo, or feature the art of an in-game character.

The physical gift will truly help players feel like they are receiving something for adding on the subscription service.

Subscription Tiers

Many games offer subscription tiers with different levels and payment options. To help afford the promotional products and shipping, you can offer physical rewards in the higher tiers of the subscription. For example, your game may offer $5, $10, and $25 monthly subscriptions. In the highest tier, you could showcase a new physical product each month.

A variety of products allows you to offer different designs and unique features. For example, for some months you could order pin designs. The pins could feature a different design each month. One month could feature the game logo while another month features a signature item from the game like a sword or power-up.

Exclusive Giveaways

When players join a subscription, they often want to feel like a part of a special group or club. You can recognize their special status with some exclusive giveaway options. For example, if you brand the items and subscription with a special name, you can make incorporate the theme into your product designs.

For example, if your game is based on medieval times, you could create the Excalibur Club. Magnets, lanyards, and tote bags could have exclusive messaging like Excalibur Club Member. If your game is a racing game, consider a special fake license card for gamers who have subscribed to the game.

The best way to entice new gamers is by offering items that are only available within the subscription and not sold through a general store.

Surprise Giveaways

Some of the giveaways you plan for your gaming service do not have to be planned and distributed among all of the subscribers. At certain points throughout the year, consider setting surprise giveaways or random raffles. The physical prizes offered here would be larger and considered premium.

For example, you could offer limited edition hats and t-shirts as part of the giveaway. Through the process, you would randomly select winners from the pool of subscribers. In other words, players will want to subscribe to win some of the free prizes.

Other premium products to consider include custom Bluetooth speakers, wireless earbuds, custom headphones, or a custom charging bank. The items all off customization options and are ideal ways to give away your product. Adding in the surprise giveaways will keep players excited and give them plenty of opportunities to win while keeping their subscription alive.

Holiday Items

The holidays always present a time to offer physical giveaways. During the winter months, your gaming company can produce a number of stocking stuffer gifts for your subscribers. Special holiday bonuses will add a nice touch to the subscription and allow players to feel like they are getting something special.

You could send subscribers a special holiday card with a custom pin attached on the inside. Custom magnets, notepads, or luggage tags also fit nicely inside of greeting cards. The holiday giveaways can also match the theme and style of the game.

If you have a survival horror game, take advantage of the Halloween season with a special product release in October. If you have a game based on American history, then you can ship out a free gift around the 4th of July. Use the holidays to help with your branding and supply players with a fun gift they can look forward to each year.

The promotional gifts you choose do not have to be random. Encourage repeat subscriptions so your players can build a collection of items. For example, you could offer a custom ornament every year for Christmas.

Each year, a player will build their collection until they eventually have the whole set. During the collection period, the subscriptions will continue and your game will thrive on the extra income from players while building a stable base and community.

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