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Conferences provide a space for investors and developers to meet and connect, yet it’s still challenging for individual investors or smaller investment teams to attend more than a handful a year. What about those who block out 200+ days on their calendars to exclusively talk shop at trade shows worldwide? It’s still impossible to be in two places at once, and the number of investors active in the video game industry — a figure fewer than 100¹ — pales in comparison to the overwhelming amount of developers active today. As a result, plenty of investment opportunities go unnoticed and many excellent video games remain unfunded.

Xsolla provides a solution to help bridge the gap between investors and developers in the video game industry. In this post, we’ll highlight how investors can discover additional opportunities to fund talented developers — all while traveling less — by joining Xsolla Funding Club.  

What is Xsolla Funding Club?

Xsolla Funding Club is a matchmaking service that connects investors with developers, giving investors additional opportunities to fund talented developers and share in the profits of the $152B global video game industry.² It helps investors find new opportunities by providing them with an incredibly convenient matchmaking experience.

For example, investors may request to only receive information about games of a certain genre, monetization model, requested investment amount, and up to 13 other parameters that influence the discovery process. In other words, investors only see information about games that interest them from a business perspective — all they have to do is set their criteria, sit back, and await new leads via their inbox.

By offering investors and developers this practical resource at no cost, Xsolla helps to remove the barriers between game patrons and game creators, enabling every industry player the opportunity to get their best work done.

Save the trip and expand your reach

Xsolla Funding Club members benefit from the hard work of an expert team that attends 40+ trade shows globally, interacting with more than 1,115 unique developers over any given year.³ This team of experts saves Funding Club members trips to events around the world and expands their reach in a number of ways. Our team:

  • Meets developers in person, everywhere from local indie shows to premiere trade events
  • Identifies games suitable for investment, and encourages the developers behind them to submit an application
  • Reviews all submitted applications
  • Playtests all submitted first playable, vertical slices, etc.
  • Shares all relevant game information with investors based on their preferred investment criteria (e.g., platform, game genre, monetization type, etc.)

In doing so, Xsolla Funding Club saves its network of investors time and money, performing the resource-intensive legwork required to broaden and deepen the discovery process by which excellent games get seen, get made, and get played.

On top of that, Xsolla Funding Club members benefit from Xsolla’s unique platform insights into our partners’ games, particularly those which begin to monetize in the pre-launch stage. The pre-launch stage involves selling pre-orders, founder’s packs, and other digital or physical goods in the run-up to an official launch. Funding Club’s access to pre-launch sales metrics for these games lets the Funding Club team identify promising titles and project future success. If a game demonstrates significant traction in the pre-order phase, then the Funding Club team can formally reach out with a proposal to secure more financing through direct investment and encourage the developer to fill out an application online.

And for those developers beyond the pre-launch stage — whether they are an Xsolla partner or not — they can still conveniently submit an online application to Funding Club for investment consideration at no cost. This means that investors have the opportunity to match with thousands of quality developers over the upcoming years simply by joining Funding Club.

Become an Xsolla Funding Club member today

Investors can join Xsolla Funding Club easily and for free to discover unique investment opportunities. To get started, simply send an email expressing interest to fundingclub@xsolla.com.

Xsolla Funding Club had been in soft launch since PAX East 2019 and moved out of the beta phase at gamescom 2019, with nearly 30 investors.

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