Crowdfunding And Game Launch

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Crowdfunding has become a popular way for game developers to hype titles, raise funds, and build a fan base before a game has even launched. As you go through the early stages of game development, crowdfunding will not only help with the launch of your game but can lead to multiple ways to make money in the future.

Through crowdfunding options, you can figure out the best ways to distribute content to gamers and set up the most ideal in-game stores to seek out profit and success. Follow our guide to see exactly how crowdfunding will work for your needs and provide you with opportunities to make your game a huge success.

1. Early Game Access

A crowdfunding website will typically organize their contributions through tiers. You can essentially turn one of the tiers into a full pre-order for the game with a set price. Not only will gamers get access to the game on launch day, but you can also open up early access to beta versions of the game.

When real players test out your game, you have the opportunity to catch more glitches, prevent problems, and naturally build up your gaming community. Along with the actual in-game content, early access allows you to test out other functions of the game, including the digital store and micro-transactions.

Through the digital storefront, you can see what elements players are more drawn to and access more. For example, if players often purchase skins over accessory upgrades, then you can put more emphasis on developing a skin store for the game’s launch.

The early access will also point to any glitches or problems with the way the store functions. You can find preferred methods of payment and other resources including the use of gift cards or digital in-game currency.

2. Lifetime Discounts

Many of the perks associated with crowdfunding will reward gamers with exclusive features not available when the game launches in stores. One way to reward the crowdfunders is with lifetime discounts. For example, anyone who contributes to the game can receive lifetime discounts on future purchases.

The discount would encourage the player to purchase from the in-game store and help increase your revenue. Adjust the price of the discount to match your budget and profits. For example, try to give the biggest discount possible to encourage purchases.

The discount may apply to more than just the in-game purchases. For example, if you offer a monthly pass to access levels and special content, you could offer a discount on the pass too.

3. Exclusive Content

Exclusive features go a long way in providing gamers with some bragging rights and ways to entice crowdfunding efforts. There are a lot of ways to offer exclusive content for players who choose crowdfunding investments. For example, you could offer an exclusive level or map in the game.

If you have a racing game, you can offer exclusive other players cannot access once the crowdfunding process has ended. Exclusive skins are always an option.

You can also vary the rewards based on the amount a player donates to the game. For example, if someone donates to a low tier, they can receive an exclusive weapon skin. If the person donates to the highest tier, they can unlock the extra levels and also receive all of the exclusive bonuses in the tiers below the top one.

4. Gamer Polls

Early access and crowdfunding options allow you to reach out directly to the core audience and gather valuable information about your game. Through the polls, you can find out what gamers value, what features they enjoy the most about a game, and how to improve the gaming experience.

The polls will also give gamers a chance to select some of your store items. For example, if you plan a Halloween release, you can release a poll about Halloween exclusives you want to feature in the game. The players can vote on Halloween items, maps, music, and other items. Once the results come in, you can devote extra time to the most popular option.

5. Physical Gifts

A crowdfunding effort gives you the chance to give physical gifts to anyone who contributes. For example, you could release a limited set of physical game copies. Even if you do not produce physical hardware, you could provide a case and case artwork to display with a console or computer.

Promotional materials like posters, key chains, and small collectibles give gamers something to display and celebrate the game release. Like other crowdfunding promotions, the physical gifts could be limited editions only available to players who contribute to the game. You may even limit the number of people who could receive a prize.

Limiting the number of physical gifts will help make the products seem more in-demand and encourage people to contribute quickly.

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