Xsolla Payments Solutions let you easily earn more and lose less, by accepting more players’ preferred payment methods while preventing up to 99% of fraud.


Payments lets you offer 700+ localized, preferred payment methods at a global scale, with a single agreement and integration, so you can easily expand your addressable market.
Make your game, products, and goods available in 200+ geographies and 20+ languages with instant, compliant access to 700+ payments methods and 130+ currencies.
Account for local spending behaviors by supporting methods from credit and debit to direct carrier billing, digital wallets, and cryptocurrencies.
Turn more gamers into paying customers with direct carrier billing on mobile and an adaptive form that requests only information that’s necessary for purchase.

* Cryptocurrencies are not available in the EU, North Macedonia, Turkey, Vietnam, Nepal, Algeria, Egypt, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Bangladesh.


Conduct business all over the world without having to onboard or expand an internal payments team.
Effortlessly comply with all governmental and legal regulations and taxation requirements worldwide, through our geographic and practice area expertise as Merchant of Record.
Simplify reconciliation-related business matters, such as chargebacks and refunds, by order, by line item, or — for virtual currency — by partial value.


Push Payments provides unique access to more of the market, namely players who use cash-based methods — such as kiosks — to “push” funds to their game accounts, for a secure and frictionless payment experience.
Make the convenience and security of mobile banking apps a revenue driver for your business — without risking chargebacks and fraud.
Use cash-based push payments, such as cash kiosks, to accept payments from banked and unbanked gamers worldwide.
Steam gained immediate access to 38M+ new paying gamers by teaming with Xsolla to integrate Steam Wallet into 450K+ Russian cash kiosks.


Anti-fraud stops up to 99% of fraud with the industry’s #1 — and only — gaming-exclusive anti-fraud system, used by 2K+ companies in our 14+ years and responsible for 1M+ blocked fraud attempts annually.
Improve fraud detection with in-game parameters tailored to address the attributes of your gaming economy and behaviors of your user community.
Separate fraudulent activity from legitimate purchases — with 95% baseline accuracy — via hybrid machine learning backed by 24/7 manual transaction review.
Defeat serial fraudsters across games via custom analytics reports and dashboards reporting game traffic information and cross-game analytics and blacklisting.
After their Xsolla integration, an online game creation system (GCS) platform saw fraud drop 80% — from 2% of 300K+ transactions making $3.6M revenue, to just 0.4%.

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