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Core features

Subscription plans management
Trial and grace periods, including retry billing management
Rewards drops, loot crates, and promotion management
Upgrades, downgrades, and bundling options
Set up of custom automation included
Email notification management included
Activation and reactivation loop
Subscription management in Publisher Account
Usage statistics and analytics
Customizable notifications and email templates
Manage custom events
Access to 700+ payment methods, 130+ currencies, 200+ geographies and 20 languages
Supports purchases for real and virtual currencies
Recurring payment methods
Account and card detail updates by players
Subscriptions payment gateway
Dunning management, including grace and retry periods for auto-renewing and non auto-renewing subscriptions and notification
3DSecure 2.0 and micro-deposit verification
Fraud protection for all 700+ payment methods
Multiple webhooks sent for critical events

Key benefits

Xsolla Guarantee
Subscription management cycle
Ownership of all data
Account collaborators
99.9% uptime guarantee and service scaling
24/7 live operation and maintenance
24/7 technical support and consultation
New features every quarter
Xsolla product integrations

Xsolla Anti Fraud

Xsolla Partner Network

External integrations

Facebook Analytics

Google Analytics


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No integration cost or upfront payments
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Pay Station

Monetize for every economy with 700+ payment types worldwide and the best anti-fraud protection in the gaming industry. 
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Defend yourself with a best-in-class system built on experience, focused gaming expertise, and a commitment to shared success. 
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In-Game Store

Deliver the best user experience using and In-Game Store stocked with your virtual goods, virtual currencies, DLC, and more. 
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Site Builder

Create a website for your game in minutes using your Steam page. 
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Buy Button

Earn more by selling pre-orders, digital and physical goods directly to your players. 
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Deliver game content using secure and customizable game hub for your community. 
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Seamless secure one-click authentication with user rights management. 
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Partner Network

Global influencer and affiliate access to engage more players for your game. 
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