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Xsolla In-Game Store is the all-in-one video game ecommerce solution that saves you time, money, and stress. Build, stock, and sell virtually anything virtual from a fully-customizable in-game store. You create items and content, players purchase and enjoy it in your game, and Xsolla takes care of everything on the back-end.

Powerful monetization tools

Get everything you need to launch an in-game store stocked with your virtual goods, virtual currencies, DLC, and more.

Comprehensive solution

In-Game Store comes pre-integrated with Xsolla's Login, Player Inventory, and Payments products. Manage player inventories and accept more than 700 payment options.

Intuitive design

Xsolla Publisher Account gives you complete control of your in-game inventories. Create, edit, or delete goods at any time.

Easy integration

Quickly and easily integrate via API or SDK for Unity, Unreal Engine 4, or Android.

You manage, Xsolla supports

Integrate, customize, launch, and monetize your in-game store. Xsolla takes care of everything on the back-end.

The tools you need to succeed


✓ Virtual currencies
✓ Consumable items
✓ Non-consumable items
✓ Non-renewal subscriptions

User experience

✓ Shopping cart
✓ Catalog of virtual items

Pricing management

✓ Regional sales restrictions
✓ Promotions
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Fast and simple setup

Easily add microtransactions to your game through Xsolla Publisher Account. After integrating, set up your products and currencies. Players can then log in through the Xsolla Widget to purchase items, which are instantly accessible across all platforms via Player Inventory.

Optimize your storefront

Customize your

in-game storefront

Tailor your storefront to your game with your robust design tools and customization options.

Sell on the


Use Site Builder to take your storefront to the web.

Set Up the Store Right from your Publisher Account


Getting started is easy

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Does Xsolla provide seamless Steam authentication?

To set up seamless Steam authentication, contact your Account Manager. AppID and ApiKey are required for implementing the feature via Steam.

How to work without Xsolla Login?

You can use your access_token to authenticate requests.

Will Launcher and Site Builder work with Player Inventory?

No, Launcher and Site Builder are not supported.

Does Player Inventory support game entitlements?

Yes, the entitlement system can be integrated separately.

How do you ensure Player Inventory GDPR?

We can delete all user data from the inventory upon request.

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