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Game Investment Platform
Get your game in front of investorsXsolla Game Investment Platform can help you secure funding from multiple investors in exchange for future revenue-share.
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GUIDE TO VIDEO GAME FUNDINGBegin the funding journey for your game with this free guide from our experts. Download the ebook to learn more.
EXPAND YOUR FUNDING OPTIONSXsolla’s Game Investment Platform is a funding and investment platform designed for co-investment opportunities.
  • Showcase your game to a network of accredited investors consisting of high-net-worth individuals and family offices.

  • Retain equity and creative control of your studio, while acquiring investment in your game's future revenue share.

  • Take more time to focus on your game’s launch while Xsolla handles all legal logistics and payouts between developers and publishers.

To be eligible for Game Investment Platform, you must apply to Xsolla Funding Club.
Trailer Investment Program
GET FUNDING FOR YOUR VIDEO GAME TRAILERA good trailer can make or break a game’s success. Our new program offers funding of up to $250,000 in exchange for future revenue share of your game. Create a secret weapon that will capture players’ attention everywhere.
get started
What you needHere are the essential materials you’re required to provide before you can apply to Xsolla Game Investment Platform
Basic game infoTell us basic information about the game you want to list on the platform.
Pitch deckAnswer the big questions investors and publishers want to know to help them understand your game’s value.
Vertical sliceProvide a fully-playable portion of your game showcasing the player experience. The more you have, the better!
How to applyReady to find co-investment from a group of qualified, high-net-worth individuals? Follow these steps to begin
Join Xsolla Funding ClubApply to Xsolla Funding Club to be considered. Make sure to check the Game Investment Platform (GIP) box.
Sign GIP RSASecure terms of financing between you, Xsolla, and your potential investors by signing a revenue-sharing agreement.
Start earning funds!We’ll showcase your game to our collective of accredited investors interested in its future success.
To be eligible for Game Investment Platform, you must apply to Xsolla Funding Club.
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Talk to an expertReady to take the next step? Reach out to our experts and learn how to start earning more and spending less.
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