Xsolla Funding matches developers and qualified funding resources through three specialized platforms, Xsolla Funding Club, and Game Investment Platform.
why xsolla funding 

We bridge the gap between video game developers and investors

Xsolla Funding exists to remove the barriers between game creators and financiers, empowering developers to create the best games possible. With deep, longstanding relationships in the developer and investment communities, we're qualified to forge mutual connections for better success.
Level up 

Our funding platforms

We offer three distinct platforms to serve various funding needs with lead investment, and co-investment.

Funding Club

Xsolla Funding Club is a matchmaking service for developers, investment firms or groups, and video game publishers. It’s designed for institutional investors and game publishers.

Qualified developers get their game pitches placed in front of funding sources, while investors discover curated games that meet their criteria.

How it works
Developers apply to Funding Club
Once accepted, applications are sent to investors for matchmaking
Matched investors will contact developers directly to discuss investment strategies
If co-funding is selected, the developer will be evaluated for Xsolla Game Investment Platform

Game investment platform

Xsolla Game Investment Platform is a simplified investment and funding platform with a portfolio of investment-ready games. It’s designed for individual investors seeking co-investment strategies.

Developers must first apply for Funding Club to be considered for Game Investment Platform by invitation.

How it works
Developers agree to predetermined investment terms set by Xsolla
Qualified individual investors browse and search the games portfolio for matches to their investment criteria
Investors submit to invest in a game with their set desired investment amount
Xsolla acts as a intermediary third-party to facilitate the investment

Boost your funding strategy with xsolla

Make deals the right way

Developers and investors can participate in project-based, equity-based, or debt-based deals to ensure they reach a mutually beneficial agreement. Game creators can potentially match with publishers as well to receive more than financial support.

Save precious resources

Our team does the heavy lifting to connect quality video games with interested financiers, sparing you time and money — no matter if you’re a developer or investor.

Qualified connection

All participating developers, investors, and advisors are pre-qualified, complete with vetted projects screened by our team of industry experts.


Ebook transition from crowdfunding to pre-orders

Direct-to-consumer solution or other funding type solution