Digital Tips

Xsolla introduced a “digital tips” feature in the USA and Canada earlier this year. While intended as an “optional” feature to help Xsolla create an enhanced and seamless gaming experience through continued R&D of new products and technologies, we listened to the community and realized the “tips” were a deterrent.

Thus, as of August 21, 2017, Xsolla stopped deploying the “digital tips” feature in any market. If you left a tip by mistake or feel that it was an involuntary action, please contact Xsolla customer support at for a refund.

Xsolla has always been committed to the advancement of diversity and inclusion across the technology, video game, and financial services sectors. To further demonstrate this support, we are donating any “tips” that may have been generated to Girls Who Code, an organization dedicated to closing the gender gap in technology.

Photo courtesy of Girls Who Code