Acquire players
with zero
up-front fees

Pay only by sharing a piece of the revenue that new players will generate. You supply in-game items and we distribute them to the players outside of your game’s ecosystem. We will use them to boost re-engagement and attract new users.
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Marketing solutions
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Grow your player base
We will distribute in-game items to promote your game worldwide using various influencers, telcos, and media channels without any upfront cost.
Build up your brand
Place your game’s brand in front of the communities of leading telecom providers and media influencers to passively boost your game’s brand recognition.
Re-engage your players at no cost
Reactivate players by giving away in-game items across different channels and delight your community with surprising drops and exclusive offers.
Receive customer insight for continuous improvement
Leverage information about your players and campaign performance to effectively enhance and scale your communication with target audiences. "BETA"
Incentivize the network of our global partners with higher revenue share in targeted regions
Improve your cash positions and get non-diluted funding from your community.
Align with your UA partners to garner long-term success.
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