PayStation 3.0

PayStation 3.0 is the latest version of Xsolla’s innovative storefront management platform tailored for video game content.
Xsolla Paystation 3.0 Main Image
PayStation 3.0 is designed to sell virtual currency, virtual goods, and subscriptions in one streamlined UI, and can be conveniently managed from the Xsolla Merchant Account.
Xsolla Paystation 3.0 Frontend Icon
  • Interface localized in 19 languages
  • Local prices and currencies
  • 700+ payment methods
  • Convenient store catalog
  • Virtual items, currency, and subscriptions shops
  • Specials, sales, promotions, and coupon redemption
  • Player account with balance, purchase history, and subscription settings
Xsolla Paystation 3.0 Backend Icon
  • Easy-to-use store catalog management tools
  • Pricing and currency conversion tool
  • Promotion management tools
  • Detailed payment and game analytics
  • Customer support records history
  • Built-in custom report generation tools
  • Product update news feed
  • Company and user account management

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