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Xsolla Sales Solutions help you boost sales at every phase — from alpha to post-launch — through consistently branded player experiences.

Get players invested early

Customer-funded Development gives you the tools to create direct-to-consumer distribution for upcoming titles, paving the way for launch success and ongoing growth.
Sell Founder's packs well before release to fund development, try game ideas and marketing campaigns, and recruit community testers and advocates.
Grow your community of pre-release game fans to entice business owners, VCs, and investors with notable early interest and traction.


Pre-orders puts you in complete control of your early access and pre-sales strategy, from testing to distribution, to maximize your chances of achieving a successful launch.
Build buzz and collect valuable feedback via early game access, with support for all key distribution platforms and full ownership of your players’ data.
Use pre-sale numbers as leverage to close investor and publisher deals, while earning extra revenue before you’ve even released your game.


Subscriptions makes it easy to create enticing, flexible plans that grant premium access to your products or services, so you can grow a more stable, consistent revenue stream.
Develop a consistent revenue stream by offering a range of options for paid premium access, to generate up to 10% incremental revenue from your loyal players.
Acquire new players faster via promos, trial benefits, limited-time offers, and exclusive benefits at a fair recurring price.
Retain more subscribers with regular grants of virtual goods and by making holds, adjustments, and reactivations easy.


GShare makes it easier for you to monetize non-paying and low-spending users through a resource-sharing application that lets them earn credit exclusively toward purchases of in-game items for your title.
Generate additional revenue by converting non-paying users into spenders.
Improve Average Revenue Per Paying User (ARPPU) with regular top-ups that incentivize low-spending users to buy in-game items more frequently.

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