Xsolla’s Partnership with Alipay+ Fuels Revenue Growth and Engagement for Game Partners

Success Story

A suite of global cross-border mobile payments and marketing solutions from Ant Group, Alipay+ Cross-Border Mobile Payment Service has redefined transactions worldwide with its versatility, allowing businesses to expand their local payment options. By seamlessly connecting users to an extensive network of global digital payment methods including e-wallets, Alipay+ has been a game-changer for payment solutions since its launch, offering transaction convenience and accessibility to its users.

In 2022, global video game commerce leader Xsolla announced integration with Alipay+, offering the platform as a Payment Partner for Xsolla’s merchants in its continued effort to support game developers and publishers around the world.


Ready to boost user engagement and increase the revenue of their game, a Game Partner reached out to the Xsolla team to explore how our tools and resources could help support their growth efforts. Understanding the importance of offering seamless payments and maximizing monetization opportunities, the Game Partner was looking for a way to leverage locally preferred payment methods for their players. 

With a vision to optimize their game’s performance, help them achieve their objectives, and grow their business revenue, the Xsolla team recommended connecting the Game Partner to Alipay+.


With a goal to benefit both Game Partners and Payment Partners, as well as provide value added services through tailored marketing promotions, our team curated a tailored proposal to empower the Game Partner’s goal for boosted user engagement and increased revenue by connecting it with Alipay+ and its Alipay+ Alliance Acceleration Program. 

Through this, we designed a tailored promotion that would allow gamers to enjoy in-game anniversary packages with the added bonus of receiving up to USD$19 in cash rebates. 


A 14-day campaign promoting the rebates was launched for the Game Partner and, with the strategic integration of Alipay+ as a Payment Partner, as well as Xsolla’s tailored marketing services, the campaign resulted in mutual success for both businesses.

  • 17% increase of new spending users on the game.
  • 53% increase in total sales of the game.

Guided by Xsolla's merchant of record and payments expertise, the strategic campaign not only boosted user engagement but also increased the acquisition of new paying users, resulting in newly nurtured brand loyalty for both our Game Partner and our Payment Partner, Alipay+.

With a portfolio of over 1,000 global game titles and a track record of processing transactions across 200 geographies annually, Xsolla is a leading Merchant of Record in the video game industry with more than 700+ payment methods globally, including Alipay+. 

Our goal is to cultivate an ecosystem for global Payment Partners to collaborate with developers and publishers by facilitating connections and ultimately, open new avenues for revenue growth and long-term success. 

With Xsolla as a partner, you can also tap into years of video game marketing expertise through value-added services and tailored marketing promotions that benefit both Game Partners and Payment Partners alike:

  • Maximize conversion potential. Turn more players into paying users by incentivizing their participation with a frictionless payment experience.
  • Broaden your payment method appeal. Leverage Xsolla’s partnership with leading game partners and gain access to new users to promote higher engagement.
  • Strengthen customer loyalty. Foster a community of gamers that prefer your payment methods.

If you’re ready to reach more users, earn more revenue, and generate new revenue streams, chat with Xsolla’s Business Development team about our value-added services. Or, reach out to your Account Manager, if you’re already a partner.


Xsolla and Alipay Drive Revenue and Growth For Game Partners

Success Story
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