Wild Terra 2 reaches new lands and gamers with Xsolla Partner Network


Affiliates eagerly embrace and promote an MMORPG full of medieval adventure.

Initially developed by Russian indie dev studio Juvty Worlds, the Wild Terra property is a hardcore role-playing sandbox game with an intoxicating medieval world theme.

Their second release Wild Terra 2: New Lands launched on January 28, 2021, with the help of pre-sales promotion through multiple Xsolla solutions.


Xsolla and Juvty Worlds talked about their needs and what they hoped to achieve. Together, we identified three key needs:

  • Improve visibility for Wild Terra 2
  • Attract new leads
  • Increase transactions

In short, Juvty sought to attract a marketing army of affiliates to their new title. In addition, they hoped to work with partners on a revenue-share basis, saving them costly out-of-pocket expenses.


Xsolla is responsive to our partners’ visions. When they said they wanted to increase awareness for their upcoming release, we immediately suggested Xsolla Partner Network.

Juvty had already integrated Xsolla’s payments solution Pay Station and agreed that adding Partner Network would mean benefitting from our relationship with more than a half dozen large affiliate networks ready to promote offers to Asian, CIS, and European video game markets. They wanted to become one of the first to implement this solution.

Working together, the integration was quick and efficient. Empowered with instant access to 7+ large affiliate networks, (extending to Asia, CIS, and Europe) Juvty initially sold pre-orders and promoted them with the help of Xsolla Partner Network, attracting affiliates who helped promote the game before release.


Wild Terra 2: New Lands was released on January 28, 2021. By “warming up” an audience with pre-orders and affiliate promotions, the game immediately began generating a better-than-expected wave of sales.

The result:

  • Optimized revenue share program set to 40%
  • Profit margin improved to approximately 20%
  • Pre-sales promotion through Partner Network increased exposure and attracted new affiliates to the game
  • Significant sales increase: Nearly 20% of all Wild Terra 2: New Lands transactions are a direct result of Xsolla Partner Network

Juvty’s decision to apply more Xsolla products and solutions allows them to:

  • Amplify their reach with the help of enthusiastic affiliates
  • Build a branded buzz around the game with a simple-to-create website
  • Boost sales pre-launch with pre-orders
  • Mitigate expenses with performance-based revenue sharing
  • Expand their studio, as a direct result of growing user attention

Juvty Worlds levels up with Partner Network, Pay Station, Site Builder, Anti-frau, and In-Game Store

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Juvty Worlds leveled up with Site Builder

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