Roblox corp. increases revenue with branded gift card initiative



In early 2020, Roblox Corporation sought a partner who could help them build a player-focused gaming gift card program to deliver Robux for their runaway hit Roblox. The idea was to increase spend per minute while generating brand loyalty and engagement.


Through this collaboration, Xsolla integrated and prioritized a payment gateway for trusted gift card issuer Blackhawk Network On Demand into the Roblox in-game store and checkout experience. The program’s early success drove us to expand its reach, onboarding additional partners to form a robust network that allowed for broad distribution. This, in turn, led to organic, effective placements in the spaces where Roblox players live, shop, and play, including digital and physical retail locations.


35% revenue gain, continuing brand affinity, and a boost to user loyalty 

This integration quickly grew their gift card program into a staple product, with a healthy and dependable revenue stream, lifting the Average Revenue Per Paying User (ARPPU) from $13 to $20, a 35% increase, while also boosting brand affinity and user loyalty. The Roblox gift card program is still going strong one year later, and shows no signs of slowing down.

Technical aspects of our integration included:


  • Gift card payment gateways at checkout, with prioritized placement.
  • Allowed players to purchase gift cards directly from Roblox, outside of mainstream distribution platforms and ecosystem
  • Localized pricing and language support for checkout UI in all markets.
  • Filtering fraudulent payments using a self-updating algorithm.
  • Disputed transaction reviews 24/7 using behavioral and data metrics.


  • All risk for chargebacks, plus VAT and taxation, reducing chargeback and refunds from 25% to 10% MoM.
  • Legal compliance with local regulations in all available regions.


  • Delivered aggregated financial data to track the performance of each alternative payment method.
  • Shared customer support resources to help the developer’s support team in fielding player inquiries and any other questions.

With Xsolla’s help and guidance, these benefits are available for every game developer or publisher ready to earn more and strengthen their connection with players. Are you looking to create a gift card program and increase revenue? Contact us today.

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