Mundfish partners with Xsolla to set its Atomic Heart on PC pre-orders

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Once Atomic Heart’s whimsically nightmarish trailer piqued the gaming world's curiosity, the team at Mundfish knew they needed to capitalize on the attention — and fast.

In May 2018, Mundfish quietly released the first trailer for their adventure FPS Atomic Heart, gleefully perplexing the masses with tango-tinged, alt-Soviet robo-zombie mayhem. To build on this buzz as much as possible, the team quickly realized that they needed a partner to help them start selling pre-orders as soon as possible, to grow their user community and deepen their development fund as they continued to build toward their first alpha release.

Moscow-based Mundfish — delightfully twisted adventure FPS upstart.

Mundfish announced their first project in April 2018, Soviet Lunapark VR — a VR-driven adventure FPS that occupies a similarly eerie, tech-horror world to the one featured in Atomic Heart. Although developed simultaneously, Soviet Lunapark VR’s earlier release made it the testing ground for both games’ warped visuals and immersive gameplay mechanics.

With Xsolla’s dynamic pre-order solution, gamers can get even more psyched for Atomic Heart’s upcoming beta release in Q4 2019.

To help Mundfish convert their marketing momentum into as many pre-sales as possible, Xsolla worked to deliver pre-order essentials with a turnaround of only two days.

The combined five-person team integrated an array of pre-order options for PC gamers into Mundfish’s existing Atomic Heart website, with more digital premiums and exclusives offered with each successive pack. This custom-tailored approach enabled Mundfish to fully activate the sales potential of their recent word-of-mouth and gaming industry coverage in order to build greater player equity — in other words, to turn buzz into business.

Technical specs of the integration included:

  • Enabled pre-launch sale of game keys, for paid early access plus various premiums and exclusives with each package.
  • Delivered pre-order pack iframe for existing website, with package details and direct connection to checkout path.
  • Activated timed promotions to drive more purchases during pre-launch period.
  • Installed Google Analytics and Facebook pixels to track effective of partner’s marketing and remarketing campaigns.
  • Enabled localized payment methods at checkout, from 700+ available globally.
  • Delivered localized pricing and language support for checkout UI in all markets.
  • Prioritized payment method display at checkout, listed by regional popularity.
  • Filtered fraudulent payments using self-updating algorithm.
  • Reviewed disputed transactions 24/7 using behavioral and data metrics.
  • Handled all risk for fraud and chargebacks, plus VAT and local taxation.

As the Mundfish team shares more info about Atomic Heart’s development, each new update drives more pre-sales and greater interest from the gaming community.

The buzz that was started by Atomic Heart’s first trailer has been an invaluable commodity, a rare spike in attention that’s never guaranteed for an emerging title from a relatively unknown studio. Mundfish knew to seize on the opportunity that it created — and through their partnership with Xsolla, have effectively transformed this momentum into stronger pre-launch user acquisition, vital development resources, and even greater anticipation for the game’s genre-bending action.


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