Utilize digital codes to distribute your game worldwide

Integrate as an embeddable widget or white label solution into your website/launcher

Support codes from major distributors and in-house platforms

700+ Payment Options

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  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • Prepaid Cards
  • E-Wallet
  • Bank Transfer
  • Cash Payments
  • Mobile Payments

Working with Cards

Supporting local processing, currencies, card brands, and banks. The payment form is tailored to only require the credit/debit card number and code on the back for quick in-game purchases.

Covered by Anti-Fraud

Every transaction is protected by Xsolla’s Anti-Fraud System (US patent pending), which is a powerful machine-learning solution that combines automated filters with protection tools to provide game-specific analysis and a 24/7, manual review of disputable transactions.

Make up to 95% from every sale

Xsolla’s revenue share is as little as 5% after payment processing fees and taxes.

All integration procedures, analytics, customer support, and Anti-Fraud are included in Xsolla’s share of revenue.

Easy Integration


Register your Publisher Account and add your first Game


Set the price for the game

It can be set in different currencies and may also vary depending on the platform.


Upload the keys

For each available DRM, upload the desired amount of keys in CSV or TXT format.

Before the keys are sold out, Xsolla will send an automatic notification.


Copy and Paste the Widget Code

Get the Code directly from our GitHub page

Read about all types of integration options on our GitHub page.

Included Features

24/7 Support

Xsolla customer support is available 24/7/365 in 20 languages. Players and partners can reach support through live support chat, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, email or through one of 30 global toll free numbers.

White Label Solution

The Pay2Play module can be integrated directly into a developer’s web page and/or game launcher without installing a widget, seamlessly merging with original designs and user interfaces while maintaining full functionality and all the benefits of widget-based integrations

Multi-format and DRM-Free

Every industry-wide digital download format is supported from Steam, Origin and uPlay keys to potentially Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo digital download codes. Moreover, Pay2Play supports and provides cloud-based hosting for DRM-free builds and/or developers' custom DRM builds.


Features a localizing payment widget that supports over 17 major languages worldwide. Don’t see the language you’re looking for? No problem! Simply send a request to Xsolla and we’ll handle it.

Region Lock

All game keys that are being sold via Pay2Play are region-locked, thus providing developers with protection from "grey" reselling schemes. DRM-free and even external platform games bought through Pay2Play can be activated only in regions chosen by the seller. Developers can set up separate regional restrictions for desired markets with a few simple clicks.

User Acquisition

The Xsolla Network is crafted as a global solution to help a video game build its brand, acquire new users and facilitate its distribution by accessing over a dozen affiliate networks, hundreds of gaming media portals and thousands of influencers all in one convenient location.
We greatly appreciate your responsiveness, whether here through Basecamp or through the Skype support channel, and we greatly appreciate the support you provide to our players for their billing issues. So from everyone here at PGI, thank you for being excellent.
Alexander Garden
Piranha Games
We started to use Pay2Play in summer 2016 and was amazed by how swiftly it was integrated and how easy it was to collect and analyze payments from all over the world.
Valentine Yeltyshev
GSC Game World
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