Billing + Payments

designed for publishing games globally

Billing + Payments

designed for publishing games globally
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Key Benefits


HQ in the USA with offices in Europe and Russia, Xsolla has seven years of experience around the world and has integrated more than 500 payment solutions globally.


90% accuracy predicting players' preferred payment methods and our simple one-click payment approach increases conversion rates by 20% and more.


Xsolla’s solutions are integrated perfectly to fit any game’s existing billing interface. Our fully customizable design complements any existing set of payment gateways.


Rapid integration with flexible parameters and re-design tools. API white label integration lets game brands shine through! API documentation is available on GitHub.

Customer Support

Xsolla is renowned for exceptional customer and partner service. 24/7 multi-language customer support with toll free numbers around the world.


Xsolla pays the utmost attention to our partners' needs. We assign a dedicated integration manager, and make a broad range of analytical tools available online.

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PayStation Overview

PayStation Overview

PAYSTATION - an advanced platform fully integrated with Xsolla’s 500+ payment options worldwide.

  • Analysis of Player Purchase Patterns
  • Customized Interface to Fit Each Game’s Design
  • Multi-Language Interface
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Xsolla’s goal is to be the leading universal billing platform for innovative partners worldwide.

PayBar Overview

PayBar Overview

PayStation’s compact add-on is a dynamic bar that displays multiple recommended and previously used payment options.

  • Fully Customizable Design
  • Compact Size
  • Compliments Existing Payment Gateways

Certain payment methods can be manually promoted or disabled to prevent duplication of previously integrated options.


Xsolla’s solutions are integrated perfectly to fit any game’s existing billing interface with fully customizable design and compact size to complement existing payment gateways.

PayRank Overview

PayRank Overview

PAYRANK customizes payment options for each individual user within the PayStation and PayBar interfaces. Prioritization is based on variables including monetary value, location, game type, etc. The calculations are done in real time before the choices are presented to the user.

PayRank is highly discerning. Depending on their purchase histories, siblings living in the same house may be shown different payment options for the same game.


85-90% credit/debit card transaction success rate in North America.

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Fraud and Chargeback Managment

Xsolla utilizes both manual and automatic fraud and chargeback management mechanisms.

  • In-house anti-fraud live team
  • Kount, Cybersource, 3D secure on demand
  • Failed transaction investigation
  • Refunds and arbitration
Direct Payment

Such tools allows any payment option to be integrated as necessary. The Direct Payment link routes users from the game’s payment interface directly to the system’s checkout page.

Account Management

Partner Account Managment:

  • Dedicated account and integration manager
  • Analytical online tools and reports
  • One-time technical integration for all payment options

Xsolla can create and design an entire payment page from scratch to fit any game genre and monetization model.

Analytics Overview

Powerful analytical tools within Xsolla's customer portal provide up to the second details on:

  • Gross revenue of each payment method
  • Number of paying users
  • Payment refusals
  • List of main contributors
  • Payments by country
  • Conversion rate
Smart Pricing

Built upon a decade of aggregated payment and user analytics, Smart Pricing algorithms establish optimum price points. Real-time data analysis allows pricing adjustments on the go.

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Premier Partners

  • World Of Tanks

    WoT world’s biggest MMO-action about World War II tanks.

  • Infestation: Survivor Stories

    Infestation: Survivor Stories is a zombie survival horror MMO.

  • WarThunder

    MMO combat game dedicated to World War II military aviation.

  • Dofus

    Dofus is a popular flash-based MMORPG, developed by Ankama.

  • Valve / Steam

    Valve is the creator of Steam, DOTA2 and more.

  • Snail Games

    The first 3D online game development company in China.

  • GameForge

    German developer and publisher – a leader in browser games.

  • Kongregate

    Online game portal owned by Gamestop Corporation.

  • AutoClubRevolution

    A leading racing free-to-play online game.

  • Mail.RU

    Mail.Ru is the leading Internet company in Russia.

  • Petroglyph

    Development studio behind End of Nations and many more.

  • BigPoint

    German company known for the Game of Thrones MMOG and more.

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  • Windows 8

    Xsolla Billing Platform for Windows 8 Store

  • MechWarrior Online

    Xsolla Billing Platform for MechWarrior Online

  • Valve / Steam

    Xsolla Alternative Methods for Steam Store

  • Paystation for Smartphones

    Xsolla Payment solutions for Smartphones

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