With PayStation 3.0 developers can sell virtual currency, virtual items and premium subscription in one streamlined UI, and manage all settings from a single Merchant Account.

Use advanced configuration tools to:

  • Set up multi-currency price points and recurring plans
  • Set discounts and bonuses for larger purchases
  • Run time-specific and payment-method-specific promotions

PayStation 3.0 supports integration of direct payment channels through the “Payment Gateway” module, as well as immediate access to payment methods provided by Xsolla payment partners.

For user convenience, PayStation 3.0 is powered by the smart algorithms, designed to simplify the purchase flow:

One-click Plugin is a smart technology designed to store players’ financial information on file for quick subsequent purchases. The plugin is also perfectly suited for recurring subscription payments. It is currently enabled for select payment methods (credit cards, SMS and direct carrier billing, e-wallets).
PayRank is a patent-pending smart algorithm developed by Xsolla to conveniently sort and rank payment methods. It presents players with the best match local payment options based on a variety of factors: location, payment history, monetary value, etc. Remaining payment methods are conveniently sorted by type and country and can be easily searched for
Mobile Plugin
Mobile Plugin is an advanced technical solution for SMS and direct carrier billing payments. It automatically compares rates of 15+ local mobile payment providers and picks the best offer on the market. Players no longer need to spend time comparing the rates or paying excessive commissions. It is guaranteed to increase revenue and improve conversion.