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New Prospects for a Classic Ethos: The Rise of Indie Games and Funding

Speaker | Xsolla GM Justin Berenbaum

The video game industry was pioneered by independent developers and entrepreneurs, and this same spirit continues to drive innovation and delight players around the world. With the industry’s continued unprecedented growth, however, comes unprecedented competition and shifting perceptions about what “indie” can mean as developers search for the funding to complete, release, and market their games. Xsolla’s Justin Berenbaum talks about how to bridge the gap between indie developers and independent investors, to help more great games than ever find funding.

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Xsolla is the video game commerce company, powered by its Transaction and Business Engines, that helps developers and publishers market, sell, connect and optimize their games globally. The engines work seamlessly together to solve the complexities of distribution, marketing, and monetization, so partners can increase their audience, sales, and revenue.

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