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Including a store inside your game is a great way to provide extra value to your players, with minimal future maintenance. Download our ebook and learn how to set up a storefront that is both profitable and popular with players:

  • Learn the different types of virtual goods that you can sell in your in-game store
  • Choose the right strategies when pricing your digital content
  • Discover which store aspects can be especially beneficial to boost player engagement


There is no "one size fits all" model when it comes to integrating an in-game store. But to make a successful storefront, you need to start with the basics. Build for your game's business model, apply the right pricing strategies, and craft a seamless experience for players.

And if you’re still not sure whether an in-game store is the right play for you, we also recommend downloading part 1 of our Game Commerce Essentials: an ebook that highlights in-game store benefits, and covers why some popular titles have them.

Increase long-term engagement
Create an additional revenue stream
Give your players what they want


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Xsolla delivers a comprehensive suite of tools and services that make it easy to launch and monetize games and products globally. Serving only the video game industry, the Xsolla product suite caters to businesses from indie to enterprise, with: Pay Station and its #1 Anti-fraud solution, Partner Network, Site Builder, Store, Login, and Launcher. These Xsolla tools work seamlessly to eliminate the friction in distribution, promotion, sales and payments so developers, publishers, and platform partners can increase their audience, sales and revenue. Headquartered in Los Angeles, with offices worldwide, Xsolla operates as a merchant and seller of record for major gaming entities like Valve, Twitch, Ubisoft, Epic Games, and PUBG Corporation.

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