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Xsolla Bounty Program

The goal of the Xsolla Bounty Program is to ensure that Xsolla is consistently delivering the best experience to our partners and gamers alike. We are constantly testing and improving our solutions to continue building the trust of our community.We believe that no technology is perfect, but our goal is to create the most seamless experience possible for gamers all around the globe, and we know that being proactive rather than reactive is the way to get closer to that goal.If you believe you've found a bug in our service or have an idea for improving any of the processes, we are happy to fix the flaw promptly and reward you fairly for your discovery. If the issue you reported qualifies for a bounty, we will email you to let you know how much you will receive and when. Happy hunting!


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We believe in recognizing the work of others. If your work helps us improve our service and make the user experience better, we'd be happy to acknowledge your contribution.Thank you and happy hunting!
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