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The Complete Xsolla Guidebook

The Complete
Xsolla Guidebook

Tools, tech specs, and more

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Learn all about how Xsolla’s advanced publishing platform can help you improve your game’s reach, management options, and profit potential. Our powerful technology lets you:
  • Gain seamless access to 700+ payment methods worldwide, including localized options
  • Customize your in-game store with virtual currency, items, subscriptions, and more
  • Improve user acquisition and game sales with our easy-to-integrate Pay2Play widget
  • Protect payments and reduce chargebacks with our industry-leading anti-fraud system
  • Optimize your strategic planning with custom data modeling, analytics, and visualization
  • Plus, access to our hands-on customer support, available internationally and year-round

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Xsolla is a cross-platform payment and billing solution for improving monetization and conversion for your game.

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