A set of analytical tools for game developers, available in payment and game editions, powered by Slemma
Data Portal
Data Portal provides Xsolla partners with in-depth insights into payment data to better understand performance of their games. Simply connect to Slemma from Xsolla Merchant Account to view and analyze your payment data, visualized in intuitive dashboards, and build your own dashboards
Data Portal powered by Slemma is offered at no charge for all Xsolla partners and is available from Xsolla Merchant Account
Pre-set dashboards
  • Overview
  • Games
  • Payment systems
  • Credit Cards
  • Revenue
  • Paying users
  • Virtual Currency
  • Geography
  • Devices
  • Cancellations
Game Analytics
Game Analytics helps make sense not only of payment-related data, but of game events in general. The tool allows to upload an unlimited amount of data from various sources, track marketing, production and operational metrics, as well as to create custom dashboards and reports
Game Analytics powered by Slemma helps Xsolla partners to understand how players are engaging with the game to increase monetization
Pre-set dashboards
  • New Users
  • Active Users
  • Sessions
  • User Retention