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Our new Payments SDKs take you from a flexible integration to accepting more payments from more players in minutes.




Publishing Suite

Promoting Your Game with Small and Mid-sized Influencers

How engaging with influencers and their audiences can help your game rise above the rest.

Adapting Your Marketing to Influencers

How to effectively integrate Influencer marketing strategy into the marketing of your game.

Xsolla launches a virtual collective of gaming professionals

Join the Xsolla Diamond Club, the virtual collective of video game developers and publishers with insider access to industry events and collaborative networking opportunities.

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OWN3D maximizes influencer marketing with Xsolla Partner Network

With its influencer marketing tools, Xsolla Partner Network became a serious asset to a premium global streaming graphics business.

Realize your game’s full potential with Xsolla Launcher

In video games, player engagement is everything. From the second they boot up a game, players expect it to leave an impression. Grab their attention early and keep them hooked with Xsolla Launcher, the optimal resource for developers of any size.

How to reward Twitch streamers with Xsolla’s Advanced Attribution Model

Predict streamer success for better partnerships and more accurate sales projections.

An Open Letter to Web Game Developers

Flash is coming to an end, but don’t worry — Xsolla has you covered.

Keep Players During Next-Generation Console Transitions

As you adapt your games for the next generation of consoles, learn ways to retain players and ensure they receive the full value for their game.

Community Management: Why You Need It, and How to Make It Work

Communities require careful attention to run properly but can be a great marketing tool for developers.