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Pitching your game: The essentials you need to know – Part 2

Preparing a pitch may not be as exciting as game development, but the more work you put in up front, the more likely it is that you’ll reach your goals later. I suggest that your pitches contain the following...

What it takes to pitch a game – Part 1

Ultimately, the purpose of this piece is to provide some practical and applicable insights into the mind of an investor/publisher. This is done to enable you to better prepare your pitch and give you the best possible shot at getting money to work on your game.

Funding 101: The impact of the Vertical Slice

Don't call it a demo.

Bereit für einen Versuch?

Cheat Code in Video Game Funding

There’s no question about it: Making a video game is expensive

Introducing Xsolla Business Engine

5 Contracts Every Game Developer Needs

What documents do you need when hiring a contractor, porting a game, or signing an exclusive deal?

Expand Your Video Game Investment Portfolio

Investors can explore Xsolla Funding Club to discover unique investment opportunities found at trade shows worldwide...and much more.

Why Xsolla Funding Club was founded

Bridging the gap between underfunded developers and gaming investors