April 30, 2019


Creating a solid landing page for a game release is an effective way to convert curious passersby into paying customers. Xsolla’s Site Builder makes this process as straightforward as possible, providing one-click design tools and powerful storefront solutions for establishing an online presence without any upfront costs.

New Xsolla Site Builder features add even more tools to a game creator’s arsenal. Developers and publishers now enjoy a faster interface thanks to the improved underlying architecture, along with new quick-start page creation tools that add the ability to import existing marketplace assets for near-instant landing page generation.

Superbwebsitebuilders.com highly rated Xsolla Site Builder, “Xsolla is certainly one of the best site builders in its niche. It comes with a rich feature set in terms of game marketing and promotion. It offers multiple ways to sell a product in addition to enhanced eCommerce functionality. Both developers and publishers will appreciate it although some small downsides still take place”.

Site Builder Core Toolset

Xsolla’s Site Builder allows teams to launch a secure, fully customizable website for their games with a minimum amount of overhead. The Site Builder has a simple but powerful point and click editor with ready-made modules for common landing page elements, including trailers, screenshots, sales copy, social media links, and button integration with Steam, GOG, Google Play, and other platforms.

Launch pages made with Site Builder also include custom, self-hosted sales features with elements like pre-order buttons, game key distribution, and founder’s packs with timed exclusives. Xsolla handles payments, tax information, and related processing details for these sales. All developers need to do is create customer-facing copy and their online presence is ready to go.

New Version, New Features

The new Site Builder release incorporates even wider toolset developers and publishers can use to boost sales and conversions for their game.

Updated Design

Existing Site Builder users will recognize a shift in the editor’s overall look and feel. The new architecture loads faster and provides more convenient access to content editing, SEO settings, asset management, and other common elements. Getting started with landing page construction is more intuitive than ever.

Steam & Google Play Parsing

It’s now possible to create landing pages by importing assets from a game’s Steam or Google Play page. Developers can quickly parse and convert text and media from these marketplaces, add them to a new landing page, then customize with Xsolla Site Builder to take full advantage of storefront analytics and upselling options.

Sell DRM-Free APKs

Developers can now incorporate game key sales for Android titles into their landing page storefront. This allows users to purchase and download DRM-free APKs without leaving the site.

Multiple Landing Pages & Localization

For many developers, a single landing page for each of their games is sufficient. For teams looking to get into market segmentation or deep conversion analytics, multiple landing pages may be in order.

A new Site Builder feature adds the ability to create slightly different landing pages for the same project. Experiment with different UI elements to see which produces better conversions, or focus on different game features or screenshot packages to discover which elements players respond to more favorably.

Site Builder also offers localization editing options for landing page blocks. Translated text can be a powerful tool for capturing a wider global audience.

Faster, Smarter, Better

Creating a self-hosted landing page with Xsolla Site Builder instantly establishes a secure online presence for a game. It’s easy to use, offers a wealth of direct sales and platform integration tools, and there’s no upfront cost involved. The new update improves the editor’s speed and adds fast importing features that can make landing page creation practically effortless.

Boost sales and build a stronger community with an Xsolla Site Builder landing page. Try it out!

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