Your Own Cross-Platform Publishing Ecosystem
December 14, 2019

As the gaming industry grows to include more players, more platforms, and higher revenues, dozens of new distribution channels are stepping up to claim their piece of the pie. Instead of fighting for visibility in every single marketplace, many game developers are taking a unique and complementary approach to the problem of fragmentation: they’re launching their own custom, cross-platform ecosystem.

Running a branded publishing ecosystem carries a number of benefits, including owning player data, maintaining a direct line of communication to fans, and improving long-term revenue prospects. Most importantly, you can use this ecosystem alongside current third-party distribution channels for an easy path to maximizing growth and visibility.

In this ebook, we examine the benefits and advantages of running your own cross-platform publishing ecosystem. We also compare the time and cost investment of building a platform in-house versus employing Xsolla’s turnkey solution to determine which method is faster, more effective, and more affordable.

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