Boost Revenue by Unlocking South Korea
August 28, 2019

Up until a few years ago, the Korean video game industry battled with outdated technology and government regulations that impacted consumers’ ability to buy games online. Gamers in Korea were required by government regulations to use Internet Explorer, along with specific plugins, to purchase online games. On top of that, video game companies only let their gamers pay via a handful of traditional payment channels, including local credit cards and prepaid cards. 

These limiting factors created payment friction for Korean consumers and restrained the industry’s continued growth. In response to these limiting factors, Korean technology corporations Naver, Kakao, and Toss developed their own digital wallet solutions that would serve the growing needs of consumers in their country. 

Each company’s respective digital wallet — Naver Pay, KakaoPay, and Toss — has conquered the Korean e-commerce market in the last five years. They are now well on their way to becoming the preferred payment methods for Korean gamers. Be among the first non-Korean gaming companies to adopt these leading payment technologies to capture a larger share of the Korean video game market.

Entering the Korean market is quick and easy to do with Xsolla. Just log in to your Xsolla Publisher Account and enable all payment methods within Korea under your Payment Method settings.

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